2018 Edition


The 2018 Forum being held at a crossroads period :

-Over the past decades, the development model, which is nearing its end, enabled Morocco to realise evident achievements and to confirm its worldwide position recognised as a country  that is politically stable and economically strong

-Following the King’s appeal to collective innovation generating ideas, proposals and projects able to help create a new development model that can meet the needs of our citizens and the aspirations of our younger generations especially with regard to employment and dignity.

-In continuity of the 2017 edition which main focus was already set in participating to the culture of adherence of the Region project thinking on its development model in conditions of good territorial governance. This reflection is based on a reticular logic taking into consideration a balanced growth benefiting from all territorial geography levels.

Around a theme of CRITICAL IMPORTANCE:

-The Fes-Meknes region is eccentric, and given its potential, it presents disproportional economic and social indicators. Thus, revealing the urgency and importance of the Region and municipalities worksite programmatic documents that started defining structural projects.

In a world that is changing and being competitive at high-speed, new economic models are required, in no time. Innovation controlled management is no longer effective. Indeed, adapted methods and minds are necessary to make sure that innovation is everyone’s business. This Forum offers the opportunity for personal and institutional interaction. It has a global outreach as it offers maximised opportunities for openness on all projects , building networks, considering disruptive innovation and creating untapped markets.

-The Fes-Meknes Region is located at the geographical heart of Morocco and not less at the centre of its history  with 2 imperial cities which have an ancestral international presence. The future can only be considered taking into consideration the importance of this dimension in the region development model. It is this belief that underlies the Fes-Meknes CCIS international missions for promoting the destination, marketing the territory within its Mediterranean, African and Islamic aspects. The 2018 Forum  will be an opportunity to strengthen North-African integration  aspects.

-With its merchant elites in the past opened to the world, our region is still now and will be even more in the future abounding in immaterial assets that are essentially to be trained, to get prepared for the enterprise of the XXI century, to support, to develop as the raw-materials of a territory intended for producing, accommodating, revealing itself and being integrated in the knowledge based economy.


A unifying table-top event:

-Optimizing interlinking the actors and unifying them around common goals.

-Developing the region economy awareness and attractiveness.

-Promoting the image of a dynamic territory on the move.

General Assemblies for the Region Business.

-Responding to the region businesses questions and problems.

-Organising thematic workshops on a business segment basis.

-Promoting entrepreneurial culture. (Incubators, Nurseries, Informal sector integration).

A space for exchange and network-building.

-Debating national development strategies and their region implementation.

-Debating the region economic standing.

-Developing the complementarity ‘think and do’ among Universities and Training Centres.

An international Platform for economic advancement and partnership.

 -Communicating on the region assets and potentials.

-Attracting potential national or international investors.

-Organising B to B and B to G meetings.

-Concluding cooperation agreements related to the twinned cities.


  • Day 1

  • 9:30 - 12:15
    Forum formal opening, addresses and interventions under the overall headline.

  • 12:30
    Exhibition space inauguration

  • 14:30
    -Workshop 1 : 6th Edition : meetings of friendly and twinned cities with FES under the theme : « The role of cities in development » -Workshop 2 : 2ed Edition : We Afri Can under thematic area « AsiAfrica business bridge »

  • 15:30 - 18:00
    -Meet Up : ENTREPRENEURSHIP AT THE HEART OF REGION INTEGRATION -Creating North African Businessmen Club

  • 20:30
    -Gala dinner -The Forum Awards

  • Day 2

  • 09:30
    -Workshop 1 : Making more dynamic tourism: Forward-looking and innovative approaches. -Workshop 2 : Strategies and agri-food industry growth dynamics keys Meeting of the ASCAME Agri-food commission

  • 15:00
    -Workshop 1 : Sustainable Development and/or Digital : Challenges of the 21st century -Workshop 2 : Migration, Interculturalisme and Intangible : Mobilising new investment levers

  • Day 3

  • 9:30
    -Workshop 1 : Micro-enterprises and SME marketing innovative models -Workshop 2 : Chambers of commerce, industry and services Development Plan: a new model set-up

  • 15:30 - 18:00
    -Meet Up : ENTREPRENEURSHIP AT THE HEART OF REGION INTEGRATION -Creating North African Businessmen Club

  • Day 4

  • 09:30
    Excursions and Visits

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